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  • Okay folks, here it is. As you humans would say "drum roll".............MY BOOK IS READY!!! It's the first story of what could be quite a few. After all, it's going to take awhile to get the earth clean and green, so I'm going to keep putting out stories to remind everyone how important it is. Here's how you can get... Book One: The Adventures of George Global, The Lakeside Lather.

    You can click from here to go to and check it out! I thank you, my writers thank you and most of all my Mom, Mother Earth thanks you. Get a copy, let me know what you think!!

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  • Our ice is melting
    Our caps are shrinking, and here’s part of that story. “On Thin Ice in the Bering Sea,” a series of four short films about two communities – Yup’ik subsistence hunters on St. Lawrence Island and polar scientists aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Healy – and how they bear witness to the changes wrought by global warming in the northern Bering Sea. The films are a Hott Production of Florentine Films/Hott Productions produced in Association with the Clark Science Center at Smith College. Produced by Lawrence Hott and Tom Litwin. You can watch the series now online at the NOVA PBS web site, on YouTube or via iTunes. or click on this link

  • Who says Green can’t be Funky?
    Tower of Power…Only so much oil in the ground.

  • So you think clean energy isn’t cool?
    Check out this cool breeze………..
  • March 7
    George Global Okay, I can fly anywhere by Going Global and I don't need any fuel. But humans flying without fuel?? It could happen!!! Check this out.....

  • July 9 2010
    George Global My friend Nick laughed at the idea of a house being heated by solar energy. He laughed at the idea of an electric car. He laughed even harder at the idea of a plane flying at night on solar power. Who's laughing now?

  • Solar Impulse HB-SIA First Night Flight's take off

  • September 2, 2009
    George Global Here's something you would miss if you didn't take the time.
    Luckily someone took pictures of this event; The birth of hummingbirds.
    Take the time to watch it. Take the time to enjoy it. It's easy to take care of things you care about. Just take the time........ <


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